Wild Ballerina

As you may have noticed, I am a shoe hoarder.  However, despite my obsession with shoes, I find shoes to be the most uncomfortable piece of clothing ever created.  Yes, even more uncomfortable than the bra.  Perhaps it’s due to my abnormally large, uncomfortably shaped feet?  Whatever the case, before these adorable Jessica Simpson Ballerina Flats, I was convinced that I could never wear a shoe for longer than 2 hours without experiencing some discomfort.  Identical to a ballerina “pointe shoe” at first sight you think tough, stiff and hard to break in. Well, I’m no real ballerina; and these are no real pointe shoes.

These flats are seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my uncomfortable feet.  They are as soft as Isotoners yet as stylish as the Royal Ballet. And oh yea, they’re leopard print! They are also available in black, coffee, natural and grey leopard, but no matter what color you choose this will be the most comfortable shoe your feet will ever twinkle toe in.  The perfect shoe for travel! I’m in love with a pair of shoes! SHOCKER!

Thank you for entertaining my fashion obsessive rants! I’ll stop here.

Love you guys! Nite nite!

Jessica Simpson Leopard Print Ballerina Flat

Leopard Print Ballerina Flats: Jessica Simpson via Macys; Black Mesh Inset Skater Dress: EXPRESS; Leopard Print Handbag: 2 Park Avenue Beau by Kate Spade (sold out, but totally lusting over this similar model).

Jessica Simpson Leopard Print Ballerina Flatsimage_1Kate Spade Beauimage_2image_3


Black, White and Spunk

Happy Friday darlings!!

We all know the good ole’ black and white combo is a classic and timeless look, but once in a while you gotta throw in a little spunk!   I’m pretty sure you’ve all figured out by now that one of my favorite methods of adding some spunk to an ensemble is the use of leopard print!  Not only is leopard print stylish and eye-catching, but for me, wearing leopard print comes along with an added boost of confidence (and I know I can’t be the only one).

If you read my blog then you know that I have been salivating over this Kate Spade 2 Park Avenue Beau Bag in Leopard for quite some time now and somehow the planets aligned, the moon and the stars came together and made it happen for me (and by planets, moons and stars I mean sales, added discounts and gift certificates)!  The leopard print version is virtually sold out just about everywhere, but it is still available in a variety of other colors and sizes (here). 

Oh my Beau, how I love thee!! Expect to see a lot more of my Beau here on Sun Fun Fashion!

I hope you all have a magical weekend!  Thank you for stopping by!

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White/Black Blouse: c/o Loehmanns

Wax Coated Pants: MANGO, sold out, but similar styles (here)

Leopard Pumps: Adrienne Maloof

Handbag: Kate Spade, sold out, but similar styles (here)