Roman Lion’s Newborn Lifestyle Shoot

Today I am finally sharing Roman’s Newborn Lifestyle shoot photos! I am so happy that despite the rushed circumstances of Roman’s birth, we were able to put this shoot together and capture such beautiful moments.

As many of you may already know, I delivered Roman 18 days earlier than his originally anticipated arrival due to a pregnancy complication called Obstetric Cholestasis. In short, Obstetric Cholestasis is a rare pregnancy complication caused by a build-up of bile acids in the bloodstream. The bile salts in the blood cause a persistent and in my opinion, uncontrollable itch on the skin and most notably on the soles of your feet. The bile in the bloodstream could have potentially become toxic to my little Roman and therefore I was induced on May 31, 2016 and gave birth on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, three days before my scheduled maternity photo shoot.

Therefore, my maternity photo shoot turned into Roman’s Newborn Lifestyle photo shoot. The nursery was not yet finished and I had not ordered any newborn outfits or props for Roman’s photo shoot! But thanks to the very accommodating Darling Dreams Photography team and the fast-as-lightning hands of Danielle Spencer of Red Owl Photo Props, we were able to set up the shoot and suit Roman into this adorable hand knit Lion costume! I am so glad it all came together because these are photos I will cherish for a lifetime!

Special thanks to my boyfriend Daniel for quickly making the nursery photo shoot ready; to my sister (and MUA) Victoria for providing the glam; and my sweet niece Cyane for helping me sponge bathe Roman that morning!

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Bump Style Recap

Hey everyone! I bet you all thought I had completely forgotten about Sun Fun Fashion and although my infatuation with my baby boy Roman and being a first time mommy has completely consumed my life, I still think it’s important for all mommies to find some time for themselves (whenever possible) and engage in activities that bring them clarity and joy.  Easier said than done, I know and since “me time” is very scarce from now on I’ll probably be a lot less wordy in my posts. This will definitely take some pressure off and hopefully increase the frequency of my style posts, if not at least maintain the frequency of my posts. After all, my main goal here on Sun Fun Fashion is to share my personal style, not my Pulitzer Prize winning writing skills.

Now, I wish I could tell you that I’ve transitioned from fabulous fashionista to fabulous mommy, but that is certainly not the case. Since Roman’s birth I have been living in PJ’s, robes and flip flops and have had zero time for hair and makeup. And since no one wants or should have to see that, I will not be sharing my OOTD today.  Instead, in the spirit of #NationalBumpDay I have compiled a collection of my maternity looks (many of which did not make it on the blog) in hopes of inspiring all the soon-to-be mommys!

I will be returning to work next Monday at which time I will be forced to bathe daily, dress up and once again appear to be a functioning, contributing member to society. It will be a bittersweet day as I cannot imagine being away from my little Roman for 8 hours in a single day, however I am looking forward to getting into my new routine as a working mommy and fashionista.

Wish me strength and luck on my return to work next week! I wish you guys a happy #HumpDay and happy #BumpDay to all the beautiful pregnant women in the world!



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Easy Breezy Boho Chic

Hey guys! I hope you all are having an “Easy Breezy” weekend so far.  I will be spending most of my weekend taking part in my new favorite past time: working on Baby G’s (Baby Guenechea) nursery!  I am very proud of our progress so far, we’ve painted; built the crib, dresser, changing table; and organized Baby G’s clothing (or at least what clothing we have so far).  Despite the progress we still have so much work to do! Preparing for a baby is an enormous amount of work and I don’t want to leave anything for the last minute.  I shared a little sneak peek at the nursery on IG earlier this week (here), but I can’t wait to share the final outcome with you all!

Here’s an “Easy Breezy” shirt dress look I put together with the help of a few colorful boho accessories.  I love this shirt dress because it is work or weekend appropriate, lightweight and will carry over well sans baby bump.  I’ve been very selective about my maternity style purchases ensuring that I select items that I can also make use of after pregnancy.  Consider that my #1 maternity style tip!  I’ll be working on a list of maternity style tips this week and sharing them on the blog very soon!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and as always, thanks for stopping by!


White Shirt Dress: BCBG MaxAzria (similar, similar)

Necklace: Girls Will Be Girls Boutique

Ring: ALDO Shoes

Wedges: Schutz (on SALE here)

Fringe Bag: Gift from BFF

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Bridal Tea Party

Tis’ the season to be married, fa la la la la la la la la!

Yep, its wedding season my friends and with weddings come Bridal Showers!  Ever since I’ve known my BFF, Melissa she has been “wishin’ and hopin’ and prayin’..” for her “Big Day” and this upcoming weekend all her plannin’ and dreamin’ will come true!  Meli always said that when it came time for her Bridal Shower she wanted a Tea Party theme and boy did she get one!

The proud mother of the bride spent countless hours scouring virtually every Goodwill and antique shop in Miami to collect the tea sets used for the shower, which were later given to guests as favors. We noshed on finger foods such as tea sandwiches, croissants, cheese and pastelitos, but my favorite part was the never-ending spread of sweets consisting of macarons, petit fours, mini tiramisu’s, passion fruit and chocolate mousse cups, cupcakes, brownies and cake (just to name a few).  As you will see in the pics below, the decor was an absolute dream materialized using flowers, vintage hat boxes, lace, a crystal chandelier and Meli’s mother went as far as borrowing a vintage bird cage (together with birds) from a friend to create the most perfectly whimsical setting for Melissa’s Tea Party Bridal Shower.

I wore a floral wrap dress from my favorite maternity website PinkBlush Maternity.  I really cannot say enough about this amazing site! PinkBlush Maternity carries exceptional quality, fashionable maternity clothing, at beyond reasonable prices.  Believe it or not, this gorgeous floral wrap dress was under $50.00! I highly recommend PinkBlush to all my fellow mommies to be!



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Weekend Bumpin’

While I still haven’t entirely renounced my beloved collection of stilettos, these days in my fifth month of pregnancy when my balance and equilibrium are a bit off (a common side effect of adjusting to a growing mid-section) you will most likely catch me reaching for midi-heels, kitten heels or chunky block heels during the work week.  But on weekends, sneakers are my saving grace!

Now, opting for sneakers doesn’t mean you’re confined to athletic wear or T-shirts and jeans (not that there is anything wrong with that). The feminine/masculine mishmash of sneakers with dresses/skirts has been a hot trend on the runways for quite some time and according to Glamour Magazine, sneakers are once again one of the hottest shoe trends for Spring 2016!

I personally love J.Crew’s selection of sneakers perfect for combining with dresses and skirts. The key to pulling off sneakers with dresses and skirts is PROPORTION. Never wear high tops with a knee length skirt.  Such combination will visually cut off your legs making you look short and stout– something to avoid at all costs, especially while baby bumpin’. Sneakers that are cut below the ankle such as Keds, Converse or the New Balance’s you see me wearing below will elongate your legs, making the proportion of your comfy yet stylish  outfit look much better!

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend so far and thanks for stopping by Sun Fun Fashion!


Martha and Baby G

wb5Faux Suede Knee Length Dress: ROSS; Denim Jacket: Marshalls; Women’s New Balance for J. Crew 620 Sneakers in Gold Salt; Handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Damier Azur

image1wb4 wb3image7image2 image4image5


Sun Fun Baby!!

As many of you already know, I am going to be a mommy and I simply could not be more excited about this new chapter in my life!

With good reason, I’ve taken a small hiatus from blogging; coming to terms with the fact that your whole entire life is about to change can be all consuming.  Not to mention that creating fashion posts is hard to do when your vestment options wear thinner and thinner as your waistline grows thicker and thicker. But, now that I am well into my fourth month of pregnancy and finally starting to show signs of a baby bump I am so anxious to share with you all the details of this amazing journey!  To begin, I wanted to share with you guys the little photo shoot Daniel and I put together (with the help of dear friends and family) to announce the joyous news!  As you can see, we had a lot of fun with the shoot!!

How I found out I was pregnant:  In short, two words: Tender Boobies.  Besides the obvious sign of a missed period, it was the extreme tenderness in my breasts that drove me to take a pregnancy test.  Although tenderness of the breasts is also very common throughout my monthly period, this was different and unlike any other sensation I had ever felt. I took an at home pregnancy test and clear as day, there were the two pink horizontals (II) !

How I broke the news to Daniel: I wish I had some cute, thoughtful or romantic story to tell about how I broke the news to Daniel, but that’s definitely not the case here. It was a manic Monday at work when I realized that the tenderness in my breasts was beyond unusual and I should take a pregnancy test as soon as I got home.  However, when I got home that evening I became distracted by my anxiety to catch up on our missed episode of Homeland from the previous evening, so instead of going for the EPT, I went for the couch and began to watch Homeland with Daniel.  For those of you who watched this past season of Homeland, you know damn well how intense each and every episode of the season was (with the exception of the season finale which was a major bore).

As soon as the intense, heart pounding episode came to an end, I shot off the couch like a bullet from a gun and ran to the bathroom to pee on a stick.  Before I could even lay the stick down flat on the counter I could already see the two horizontal lines emerging and thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m pregnant”! I walked out of the bathroom (white as a ghost and jaw wide open) toward Daniel who was still sitting on the couch trying to make sense of what the hell had just gone on on Homeland and said “I think I’m pregnant”!

“What?! Are you serious? Are you joking? You’re not just riding on Carrie’s (Claire Dane’s bipolar character on Homeland) intensity in this episode are you? BABE THAT’S GREAT NEWS” – he replied. He grabbed me, hugged me and I immediately began to cry….. Tears of fear, joy, emotion, surprise, reflection.  A roller coaster of emotions.

Needles to say, my approach was not the smoothest, but it was such a relief to see and feel Daniel’s excitement.  For those of you looking for cute and creative ways to break the news to your boyfriend/husband, here and here are a few cute ways I’ve come across since.

Best Part of the 1st Trimester: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.  I have never heard a more beautiful sound in the world than that of our baby’s heartbeat! The thought of having two hearts beating inside my body at the same time is surreal and brought tears of joy to my eyes. Now, please don’t hate me, but another wonderful thing about the first trimester for me was NOT experiencing a single day of morning sickness or nausea. I kept calling my doctor to make sure that this was normal because I never thought I would be one of those lucky women who simply do not experience morning sickness.  So, at least for this pregnancy I have to say the first trimester was like a walk in the park!

Worst Part of the 1st Trimester: Unsurpassed tiredness. Making a baby is an exhausting feat and never is it more obvious than in your first trimester. Whatever glory I felt in not waking up nauseous was stripped by the overwhelming tiredness I felt throughout the days of my first trimester.  And while my first reaction to such tiredness would normally be to reach for a gigantic cup of coffee, during my first trimester I steered completely away from coffee.

Now, in my second trimester I am more excited than ever to become a mommy and am starting to have fun with fashion while embracing my little bump!  Stay tuned for my adventures in maternity fashion throughout my pregnancy!

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Tropical Paradise

If I had a nickel for every compliment I received the day I wore this dress, I would have enough money to buy this dress twice over.  The print on this maxi dress is simply ravishing and I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it at Girls Will Be Girls Boutique located at 14241 SW 120 St. #107 Miami, Florida, but not for long!! They are actually having a huge Moving Sale and the whole entire store is 50%!! 

I can’t promise you ladies will find this “Tropical Paradise” printed dress (as it sold out pretty quickly), but I promise you will find plenty other girly items that will steal your heart!  Take advantage of this huge sale in store, OR if you can’t make it, you can shop their 50% sale via Instagram (@Girlswillbegirls) or Facebook by calling (305)610-1155 to place orders.
Social Media orders can be picked up or shipped to your door.

Mon. (7/27) – Sat. (8/1) – 11:30AM – 8PM
Sun. (8/2) – 11AM – 6PM
Mon. (8/3) – Tues. (8/4) – 11:30AM – 8PM

14241 SW 120th St. Suite 107 Miami, FL 33186

Happy shopping and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by: My amazing boyfriend Daniel <3

image1-002Tropical Print Maxi Dress: Girls Will Be Girls ; Wedges: ALDO Shoes; Jenn Bucket Bag in Desert Rose: Gigi New York (ON SALE) ; Amethyst and Crystal Bead Bracelets: Love Strung image2-002 image3-001 image4-001 image5-002 image6-002

Escape Miami 3

Last weekend I attended the third annual Escape Miami Style Lounge & Pool Party organized by The Fashion Poet and all I can say is, damn that girl (Annie) sure knows how to throw a party!

esc2 esc7esc1 esc6esc3

As if spending the day with one of my dearest BFF’s (Jackie) wasn’t epic enough, we spent the day “VIP-ing” at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand while indulging in complimentary massages, makeup applications, nail and braid bars, henna and metallic tattoo applications and fashion illustrations by The Architect of Style.  Not to mention all the goodies up-for-grabs provided by pop-up shops from local brands and designers such as LYFE Brand (too cool for school), Love Strung (gorgeous jewelry), MIA Shoes (love them) and Flair Miami  (super fun Miami themed tees)!

image6-001 image7

And what would a swim week event be without a poolside fashion show? Local designers and boutiques such as DBrie, Bianca Colleti, Lume Swimwear and Please Don’t Tell Shop showcased this summers hottest trends in swim and casualwear!

image4 image1-001image5-001 image3 image2-001 image8

You didn’t think I was going to let you all go without talking about “What I Wore” now did you?!

Anytime the dress code calls for fun, fearless and fashion forward, I put my stakes on Nasty Gal!  Before embarking on the search for the perfect Swim Week look, I had already decided that I wanted to wear all white (summer’s hottest trend). But most importantly, I wanted a look that would stand up to the unbearable Miami heat!

This “9 to 5 Cutout Blazer Dress” was the answer to my hot and sweaty prayers!  White, hot (resistant), sexy and chic all twisted into one! Thank you Nasty Gal, you never let me down!

esc13 9 to 5 Cutout Blazer Dress: Nasty Gal; Nude/White Tassel Heels: Shoedazzle; White Clutch: ZARA (sold out); Gold Necklace: Rocksbox (use Code: sunfunfashionxoxo) .

esc12 esc11 esc9esc10 esc8

Freakin’ Weekend

Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am! Here’s a look I wore last weekend to the Brew at the Zoo Event held by the Miami New Times. While we are on the subject of the Brew at the Zoo, let me give it to you straight. This event is “tremenda mierda” (a tremendous shit) for those of you who do not speak Spanish. Now I don’t normally bad mouth brands, restaurants or events, as I am a firm believer that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should STFU, but I feel obliged to relieve any future prospective attendees of the FOMO.

First of all, the name of the event is misleading and deceptive. The event should more appropriately be titled “Brew At The Parking Lot of the Zoo”. Now, I realize the liability of having thousands of potentially drunk individuals running a muck around the zoo, but the parking lot?? Come on. I would have been happy with the mere sight of a flamingo, but the only animals I saw that evening were mosquitoes.

Second, there’s the lines. Standing in 20 different (10-15 minute) lines for 2 oz. beer samples is ludicrous. But, what’s worse is that by the time we got to the front of our second line of the night (at approximately 9pm) the brewery had already ran out of several of their beer selections. This proved to be the case for the third, fourth and fifth brewery we attempted to sample as well. Talk about poor planning.

Third and last, the event was supposed to run from 8-11 pm. By the time we left the event at 10:30 pm the majority of the breweries had packed up and left. This was more than likely due to the shortage of beer that ensued on or about 9pm.

Although “Brew At The Parking Lot of the Zoo” proved to be a complete waste of $40.00 p/p, there were two upsides to the night: the company (my friends rock) and my outfit!

The gauze like material of this summer LBD is light and airy- perfect for a night of drinking beer in a parking lot! I also love the crochet detail at the chest and bottom hem of the dress! I wore my super comfy gladiator sandals and color block, perforated bucket bag from Shoedazzle!  Now, although this dress sold out at Forever 21 in a matter of minutes, I’ve linked a few similar options for you to shop below!

As for this weekend, I’ll stick to sipping champagne somewhere near the beach! What are your plans?

photo 3-001 photo 4-001

Black Gauze/Crochet Dress: Forever 21 (similar, similarsimilar, similar); Bucket Bag: Shoedazzle.

In Full Bloom

You know that moment when you spot something on the rack that you just can’t wait to add to your closet?  Well, that was the case the moment I laid eyes on this vibrant floral skirt from Marshalls. Before I knew it, my mind began blooming with style possibilities and before I could even make it to the register I had the whole look you see below all laid out (in my mind)!

Don’t you just love it when that happens?


Ivory Silk Blouse: Max Studio via Marshalls; Floral Skirt: Cynthia Rowley via Marshalls; Hot Pink Studded Kitten Heels: Torrid; Nude Jeweled Clutch: Express; Sunglasses: Sole Society.

image_3image_2image_7 image_8image_4 image_5image_9