Sun Fun Baby!!

As many of you already know, I am going to be a mommy and I simply could not be more excited about this new chapter in my life!

With good reason, I’ve taken a small hiatus from blogging; coming to terms with the fact that your whole entire life is about to change can be all consuming.  Not to mention that creating fashion posts is hard to do when your vestment options wear thinner and thinner as your waistline grows thicker and thicker. But, now that I am well into my fourth month of pregnancy and finally starting to show signs of a baby bump I am so anxious to share with you all the details of this amazing journey!  To begin, I wanted to share with you guys the little photo shoot Daniel and I put together (with the help of dear friends and family) to announce the joyous news!  As you can see, we had a lot of fun with the shoot!!

How I found out I was pregnant:  In short, two words: Tender Boobies.  Besides the obvious sign of a missed period, it was the extreme tenderness in my breasts that drove me to take a pregnancy test.  Although tenderness of the breasts is also very common throughout my monthly period, this was different and unlike any other sensation I had ever felt. I took an at home pregnancy test and clear as day, there were the two pink horizontals (II) !

How I broke the news to Daniel: I wish I had some cute, thoughtful or romantic story to tell about how I broke the news to Daniel, but that’s definitely not the case here. It was a manic Monday at work when I realized that the tenderness in my breasts was beyond unusual and I should take a pregnancy test as soon as I got home.  However, when I got home that evening I became distracted by my anxiety to catch up on our missed episode of Homeland from the previous evening, so instead of going for the EPT, I went for the couch and began to watch Homeland with Daniel.  For those of you who watched this past season of Homeland, you know damn well how intense each and every episode of the season was (with the exception of the season finale which was a major bore).

As soon as the intense, heart pounding episode came to an end, I shot off the couch like a bullet from a gun and ran to the bathroom to pee on a stick.  Before I could even lay the stick down flat on the counter I could already see the two horizontal lines emerging and thought to myself, “Holy shit, I’m pregnant”! I walked out of the bathroom (white as a ghost and jaw wide open) toward Daniel who was still sitting on the couch trying to make sense of what the hell had just gone on on Homeland and said “I think I’m pregnant”!

“What?! Are you serious? Are you joking? You’re not just riding on Carrie’s (Claire Dane’s bipolar character on Homeland) intensity in this episode are you? BABE THAT’S GREAT NEWS” – he replied. He grabbed me, hugged me and I immediately began to cry….. Tears of fear, joy, emotion, surprise, reflection.  A roller coaster of emotions.

Needles to say, my approach was not the smoothest, but it was such a relief to see and feel Daniel’s excitement.  For those of you looking for cute and creative ways to break the news to your boyfriend/husband, here and here are a few cute ways I’ve come across since.

Best Part of the 1st Trimester: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the very first time.  I have never heard a more beautiful sound in the world than that of our baby’s heartbeat! The thought of having two hearts beating inside my body at the same time is surreal and brought tears of joy to my eyes. Now, please don’t hate me, but another wonderful thing about the first trimester for me was NOT experiencing a single day of morning sickness or nausea. I kept calling my doctor to make sure that this was normal because I never thought I would be one of those lucky women who simply do not experience morning sickness.  So, at least for this pregnancy I have to say the first trimester was like a walk in the park!

Worst Part of the 1st Trimester: Unsurpassed tiredness. Making a baby is an exhausting feat and never is it more obvious than in your first trimester. Whatever glory I felt in not waking up nauseous was stripped by the overwhelming tiredness I felt throughout the days of my first trimester.  And while my first reaction to such tiredness would normally be to reach for a gigantic cup of coffee, during my first trimester I steered completely away from coffee.

Now, in my second trimester I am more excited than ever to become a mommy and am starting to have fun with fashion while embracing my little bump!  Stay tuned for my adventures in maternity fashion throughout my pregnancy!

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Sleeveless Trench

Hey guys!  I wanted to share this simple look I wore a few weeks back.

I think it’s pretty obvious I have quite the fascination with sleeveless trenches/blazers (as seen here, here, here and here).  I love how effortlessly a sleeveless trench can add dimension to just about any outfit, from a tee-shirt and jeans, to a feminine little dress.  Versatile and always chic, the sleeveless trench is just the thing to help transition your style from summer to fall. Not to mention, it’s a great way for Miami-ans to embrace fall outerwear without suffering from heatstroke!

What are your favorite summer to fall transition pieces?

image1 (2)

Sleeveless Maxi Trench Coat: Lavish Alice via Asos; White Cotton Tank: Ann Taylor; White Skinnies: Ann Taylor;  White Mules: Mossimmo via Target ; Gold Rope and Tassel Necklace: INC International via Macys; White Clutch: ZARA.

image2 image1image3 (2) image3 image4 (2) image4

Gypsy Soul

It’s been quite some time since my last blog post, blame it on my gypsy soul.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’re probably well aware that I was recently wandering around Europe for 2 weeks and I can’t wait to (find the time to) share my travel diary with you all!

As for today, here’s a look I wore a few weeks back that fashionably portrays my gypsy soul.  I came across this hi-low maxi skirt on the clearance rack at Express and I simply could not resist its down to earth gypsy vibes. The hi-low trend is a merger between the mini skirt and maxi skirt and is the perfect way to show off your gams (and killer shoes) while still being comfortably covered. I love them for summer with heeled or flat sandals, but will easily transition into fall paired with booties or knee high boots.

What’s your take on the hi-low trend?



Top: Marshalls; Hi-Low Skirt: Express (similar) (similar); Perforated Belt: Vince Camuto via Marshalls; Fringe Tassel Sandals: MIA Shoes; Handbag: ALDO Shoes; Boho Bracelet Set: ALDO Shoes; Gold Pave Rings: Express (here and similar).

GypsyGypsy image9Gypsy

Tropical Paradise

If I had a nickel for every compliment I received the day I wore this dress, I would have enough money to buy this dress twice over.  The print on this maxi dress is simply ravishing and I fell in love with it as soon as I laid eyes on it at Girls Will Be Girls Boutique located at 14241 SW 120 St. #107 Miami, Florida, but not for long!! They are actually having a huge Moving Sale and the whole entire store is 50%!! 

I can’t promise you ladies will find this “Tropical Paradise” printed dress (as it sold out pretty quickly), but I promise you will find plenty other girly items that will steal your heart!  Take advantage of this huge sale in store, OR if you can’t make it, you can shop their 50% sale via Instagram (@Girlswillbegirls) or Facebook by calling (305)610-1155 to place orders.
Social Media orders can be picked up or shipped to your door.

Mon. (7/27) – Sat. (8/1) – 11:30AM – 8PM
Sun. (8/2) – 11AM – 6PM
Mon. (8/3) – Tues. (8/4) – 11:30AM – 8PM

14241 SW 120th St. Suite 107 Miami, FL 33186

Happy shopping and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Photos by: My amazing boyfriend Daniel <3

image1-002Tropical Print Maxi Dress: Girls Will Be Girls ; Wedges: ALDO Shoes; Jenn Bucket Bag in Desert Rose: Gigi New York (ON SALE) ; Amethyst and Crystal Bead Bracelets: Love Strung image2-002 image3-001 image4-001 image5-002 image6-002

Escape Miami 3

Last weekend I attended the third annual Escape Miami Style Lounge & Pool Party organized by The Fashion Poet and all I can say is, damn that girl (Annie) sure knows how to throw a party!

esc2 esc7esc1 esc6esc3

As if spending the day with one of my dearest BFF’s (Jackie) wasn’t epic enough, we spent the day “VIP-ing” at the Shelborne Wyndham Grand while indulging in complimentary massages, makeup applications, nail and braid bars, henna and metallic tattoo applications and fashion illustrations by The Architect of Style.  Not to mention all the goodies up-for-grabs provided by pop-up shops from local brands and designers such as LYFE Brand (too cool for school), Love Strung (gorgeous jewelry), MIA Shoes (love them) and Flair Miami  (super fun Miami themed tees)!

image6-001 image7

And what would a swim week event be without a poolside fashion show? Local designers and boutiques such as DBrie, Bianca Colleti, Lume Swimwear and Please Don’t Tell Shop showcased this summers hottest trends in swim and casualwear!

image4 image1-001image5-001 image3 image2-001 image8

You didn’t think I was going to let you all go without talking about “What I Wore” now did you?!

Anytime the dress code calls for fun, fearless and fashion forward, I put my stakes on Nasty Gal!  Before embarking on the search for the perfect Swim Week look, I had already decided that I wanted to wear all white (summer’s hottest trend). But most importantly, I wanted a look that would stand up to the unbearable Miami heat!

This “9 to 5 Cutout Blazer Dress” was the answer to my hot and sweaty prayers!  White, hot (resistant), sexy and chic all twisted into one! Thank you Nasty Gal, you never let me down!

esc13 9 to 5 Cutout Blazer Dress: Nasty Gal; Nude/White Tassel Heels: Shoedazzle; White Clutch: ZARA (sold out); Gold Necklace: Rocksbox (use Code: sunfunfashionxoxo) .

esc12 esc11 esc9esc10 esc8

Body Confidence

In the spirit of Miami Swim Week I figured what better time to share a swimsuit look here on Sun Fun Fashion? Now, to be perfectly honest, these photos were shot back in November 2014 while vacationing the Motherland a/k/a Nicaragua. So why now, over 6 months later, have I decided to share this post?

Well, the truth is I’ve never felt very comfortable in a swimsuit and those of you who know me pre-Sun Fun Fashion, know very well that I have always dealt with weight issues.  I have gone from fat, to chubby, to thick, to thin, and back to thick again.  There has not been one day from the day I came into this world (at a whopping 11 pounds) that I have not spent “battling the bulge”.

I’m a 30+ year veteran in this battle and I am proud of how far I have come. I am nowhere near thin, I have stretch marks (gasp), dimples on my thighs and itty bitty titties, but I am healthy and most importantly, I am happy!  So the question is, why not share these photos with the world? Why not inspire women to love themselves flaws and all?

The fact of the matter is that there is always going to be someone thinner, fitter, taller or bustier.  Stop comparing yourself to everyone else.  I can assure you that Instagram model you consider to have a “bikini body”,  has insecurities of her own.

So, let’s cut the anxiety out of an article of clothing that is supposed to represent fun and relaxation.  This anxiety is all consuming and will prevent you from enjoying the warm summer months (or years if you’re from Miami). Remember, the most flattering thing you can wear to the beach or pool this summer, is CONFIDENCE and sunblock of course!

I hope this post will inspire you all in the way that Annie Vazquez’s (a/k/a The Fashion Poet) post Dare to Bare: Embrace Yourself inspired me! Like The Fashion Poet,  I decided not to retouch any of these images so you can see it like it is.  All good!

Thank you for stopping by!
Dalia Top: WET Swimwear; Jenna Bottom: WET Swimwearimage2 image5 image6

Stars and Stripes

Happy Birthday America!! I feel so blessed to live in a country that promotes liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all. A country of citizens always willing to shed blood and tears in honor of their freedoms.  A country in which even an immigrant, such as myself, may practice their freedom of speech and host a blog in which they may express and opine on any subject they very damn well please!

Now, as you can see, I  am feeling uber patriotic today, but let me remind myself that the subject I very damn well please to write about is fashion!  So let’s talk about that….

The most apropos word to describe my excitement when Farfetch  asked me to share my “Stars and Stripes” themed look with them was FIREWORKS!!

Farfetch is a fashion hub made up of over 300 of the worlds best curated boutiques everywhere from Paris, New York and Milan to Bucharest, Riyadh and Seattle AND my #1 favorite site to shop all things designer luxury fashion!  One of my favorite aspects of the Farfetch site is that in addition to carrying goods from luxury and influential designers we all know and love, it also carries items by emerging and experimental labels in its LAB section.  I love learning about new designers and what inspires them.

Be it for purchases or just plain inspiration, I find myself browsing Farfetch’s fabulous worldwide boutiques at least once a week.  One of my favorite styling exercises is curating my own looks based on items from the site.  It makes me feel like a jet setting fashionista shopping all around the world! Today in the spirit of the Fourth of July holiday, I have styled a “Stars and Stripes” themed look to share with you all!

Check it out below and of course, my very own “Stars and Stripes” #OOTD!

Stars and Stripes

Navy Blue Tank Top; Denim Shorts; Striped Blazer; Necklace; Wood Bangle; Navy Blue Bangle; Stars Clutch; Red Heels.


SFF + Concrete Runway

After a long day at work, nothing brightens my day quite like coming home to a care package from one of my favorite online boutiques! Especially when that online boutique just so happens to be Concrete Runway. With the excitement of 5 year old on Christmas morning, I mangled my way into the package to find this gorgeous flared, burgundy skirt!

While burgundy is one of my favorite colors, (maybe because it reminds me of wine) it can prove to be a tricky color to style for spring or summer. For fall, burgundy pairs beautifully with rich jewel tones and/or leopard print, but by no means is burgundy reserved for the fall months.

As you can see, I found that blush and burgundy look absolutely beautiful together.  Once I had that figured out, it was all about finding a fun summer print that blended in with the color palette and VOILA! I’m rocking burgundy for summer!

Thank you Concrete Runway for the loving care package, fun style challenge; and for never letting me down when it comes to shopping for quality, fashion-forward work wear at affordable prices!

burg6Structured Vest: Forever 21;  Floral Top: MarshallsFlare It Out Burgundy Skirt: Concrete Runway; Blush Strappy Heels: Banana Republic; Blush Clutch: Express (similar)burg1burg5burg7burg3burg8burg4burg2



Mixing Business with Pleasure

If you’ve stopped by recently, you may have noticed that tropical prints are currently having a moment here on Sun Fun Fashion.  From tropical flowers and flamingos, to this gorgeous palm print you see below, this summer I’m gravitating towards prints a bit more “groundbreaking” than just florals.

Although the length and shape of this skirt make it adequately work appropriate, the tropical print can make it appear more like resort wear than work wear.  So how do you wear fun tropical prints to work while still showing everyone you mean business?  Well, all you have to do is mix a little bit of business with pleasure.

Pairing a tropical print with a more subdued work wardrobe staple, such as a solid blazer or cape balances out the bold print, making it work-ready. Another tip when wearing tropical prints to work (or anywhere, really) is to keep your accessories simple and to a minimum. You do not want to look like a tropical Christmas tree.

So don’t limit the use of your tropical printed garbs to poolside lounging and leisure.  When it comes to making the most of this fun and bold summer trend, mixing a little bit of business with pleasure can prove to be a recipe for fashion success!



Palm Print Pencil Skirt: Vince Camuto; Contrast Trimmed V-Neck: Forever 21; Black Cape Blazer: BCBG; Black/White Clutch: Express; Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses:  TOM FORD.



Dressed to Flamingle

I don’t really know what else to say other than…. Thank you Kate Spade! Thank you for never failing to capture my feminine soul and designing collections that girls, women and girly men dream of! But most of all, thank you for your Summer 2015 Flamingo Collection!  I am completely infatuated with my Flamingo Sheath Dress!  It’s perfect for work or flamingle-ing!

fl3Flamingo Sheath Dress: Kate Spade; Bib Necklace: Kate Spade; Mini Handbag: Express; Strap Heels: American Rag via Macys; Rings: Express (here and here); Sunglasses: ALDO Shoes


Below are my top picks from the collection.  

SPOILER: It’s pretty much everything from the collection!

photo 4

[Slip on Sneaker] [Handbag] [Grey Tee] [Flamingo Print Blouse]

photo 5

[Dress] [Feather Clutch] [Aqua Cross body] [Tote]

photo 1

[Earrings] [Ring] [Bracelet] [Watch]

photo 3

[Tote] [Bikini Top] [Slip On Sandal] [Beach Cover Up]

photo 2

[Phone Case] [Flamingo Print Scarf] [Scarf w/ Pom Poms] [Fedora]