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I am a 30 year young legal professional and self proclaimed “fashionista” working, loving and living in Miami, Florida.  I was born in Managua, Nicaragua, but have lived in sunny, beautiful Miami for as long as I can remember. I share my life with my incredible boyfriend, Daniel, my ravishing Bengal cat, Lebron and my fabulous wardrobe! My profession may be distant from my love of fashion, but I firmly believe that when it comes to a professional environment and life altogether “Dress for Success” is always the dress code.

Sun Fun Fashion is a place for me to share my inspirations, passions and personal insight on all things fashion and lifestyle. I see Sun Fun Fashion as my vicarious avenue into the marvelous world of fashion I so adore. I am turned on and inspired by everything that encompasses the universe of fashion.  I love the history, creativity, charm, artistry and power in fashion.

I owe my love of fashion and all things fabulous to my infinitely stylish grandparents. They were always the most perfectly put together couple in the room.  My style was and continues to be influenced by my grandmother.  Defined by her as “feminine, polished and playful”, but I like to add a bit of edge to the mix.  My other fashion icons include, Audrey Hepburn, Victoria Beckham, Miroslava Duma and Jacqueline Onassis.

I invite you to bask in the rays of my fashion inspirations by subscribing to Sun Fun Fashion!

For questions, collaborations and/or style advice e-mail me at martha@sunfunfashion.com.

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