Freakin’ Weekend

Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am! Here’s a look I wore last weekend to the Brew at the Zoo Event held by the Miami New Times. While we are on the subject of the Brew at the Zoo, let me give it to you straight. This event is “tremenda mierda” (a tremendous shit) for those of you who do not speak Spanish. Now I don’t normally bad mouth brands, restaurants or events, as I am a firm believer that if you don’t have anything nice to say, you should STFU, but I feel obliged to relieve any future prospective attendees of the FOMO.

First of all, the name of the event is misleading and deceptive. The event should more appropriately be titled “Brew At The Parking Lot of the Zoo”. Now, I realize the liability of having thousands of potentially drunk individuals running a muck around the zoo, but the parking lot?? Come on. I would have been happy with the mere sight of a flamingo, but the only animals I saw that evening were mosquitoes.

Second, there’s the lines. Standing in 20 different (10-15 minute) lines for 2 oz. beer samples is ludicrous. But, what’s worse is that by the time we got to the front of our second line of the night (at approximately 9pm) the brewery had already ran out of several of their beer selections. This proved to be the case for the third, fourth and fifth brewery we attempted to sample as well. Talk about poor planning.

Third and last, the event was supposed to run from 8-11 pm. By the time we left the event at 10:30 pm the majority of the breweries had packed up and left. This was more than likely due to the shortage of beer that ensued on or about 9pm.

Although “Brew At The Parking Lot of the Zoo” proved to be a complete waste of $40.00 p/p, there were two upsides to the night: the company (my friends rock) and my outfit!

The gauze like material of this summer LBD is light and airy- perfect for a night of drinking beer in a parking lot! I also love the crochet detail at the chest and bottom hem of the dress! I wore my super comfy gladiator sandals and color block, perforated bucket bag from Shoedazzle!  Now, although this dress sold out at Forever 21 in a matter of minutes, I’ve linked a few similar options for you to shop below!

As for this weekend, I’ll stick to sipping champagne somewhere near the beach! What are your plans?

photo 3-001 photo 4-001

Black Gauze/Crochet Dress: Forever 21 (similar, similarsimilar, similar); Bucket Bag: Shoedazzle.

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