Hey there! So as mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been TRYING to whip myself into shape for the long, never-ending 2013 Miami summer and if you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know that one of the methods I have adopted to get in shape this summer is The Vixen Workout.

What is the Vixen Workout? Well, the Vixen Workout is the latest dance fitness craze to hit South Florida. Created by former Miami HEAT dancer and video vixen herself, Janet Jones; Janet incorporates the latest dance moves featured in the music videos of artists such as Rick Ross, Pitbull and Beyonce and composes a booty poppin’ 60 minute cardio session guaranteed to have your thighs on fire.  To add to the intensity of the workout, the workout (should you choose to accept the challenge) is done completely in heels…… the higher the better!

What started with an army of about 3 vixens in the first class has expanded to an army of 100+ vixens per class/per location. When I first enlisted in the Vixen Army, the workout was only offered at 2 locations in Miami-Dade. Currently, the Vixen Army is invading over 5 locations throughout Miami and looking to open their first Vixen Army base in New York City.  THESE GIRLS ARE ON FIRE!!!

Without mentioning the 800+ calories burned per class, what I love most about the Vixen Workout is the surge of empowerment and confidence every woman experiences before, during and after the workout. Before the workout, the sight of hundreds of women lined up outside the gym doors in their 5 inch heels ready for their “sexy time,” I mean, workout, is truly uplifting and inspiring.  During the workout, instructors encourage women to embrace their inner divas and let loose around fellow vixens, without being judged.  That’s right ladies, I know we all got a little RATCHET in us, why not set it free, at the right time and place (of course).  At the end of the workout, women strike a vixen pose in front of fogged up mirrors to snap “post-Vixen Workout selfies” to display on social media using hashtags such as #vixenarmy and #vixenworkout. Only a “confidence boosted”, “endorphin loaded” woman would post a picture of herself still panting and drenched in sweat.  If that’s not empowering, then I don’t know what is?

To attend you must RSVP through their website  Spaces are limited and filling up very quickly and classes are $12.00 each, at any location.

Now, I know what you’re all asking yourselves??? What does one wear to a Vixen Workout?  Well, think workout attire with a dash of ratchet…lol.  In this case, I think pictures will speak louder than words.  Check out my and other vixens workout looks below and for even more Vixen Workout madness, follow them on Instagram @vixenworkout.  LET’S GET RATCHET!

5 thoughts on “VIXEN WORKOUT

  1. I would love to buy some of the apparel. I went to my first class here in NY. But all the shirts got sold out. Know where i could buy them on line? I already checked Janet website but there’s no tab to press to buy merchandise :(

    • Hi Alexa! The Vixen Shop is still currently under construction, but I would suggest that you contact to see if they can take a phone order and have the items shipped to you. Welcome to the #vixenarmy . I am obsessed with this workout! Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you come back soon!

      • Thanks. I went to another class here in NY and they were selling the shirt! So I got it :) . This work out is so popular now the classes are super packed!

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